We provide management expertise throughout the construction process.


In order to make your vision a reality, the work must start long before construction begins. By thoroughly reviewing your project and understanding your expectations, we can eliminate the source of most delays, cost overruns, and quality issues. We provide management expertise throughout the construction process. A successful project delivery includes final completion of construction, orderly transfer of the premises and guidelines for operations and maintenance issues. The construction management steps that allow BluFin to move your vision toward realization include;


* Project Budgets

* Estimating

* Value Engineering

* Bid Solicitation

* Bid Review / Recommendations

* Scheduling

* Cash Flow Projections


* Permit Processing Management

* Contract Preparation

* Complete Contract Administration

* Complete Project Coordination

* Final Inspections

* Occupancy Certificate

* Contract Closeout

We have the capability of bigger firms without the bureaucracy. We come to the table with vision and the ability to execute, yet we promise no more than we can deliver. Team up with us and reap the benefits.